Emerging plant diseases: What are our best strategies for management?

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New Rochelle, New York: Liebert Publishers


As food prices increase, new attention is focused on food security and the factors that affect crop productivity and availability. The interaction between the crop (host), pathogens, and the environment determines the occurrence and impact of plant diseases on crop health. There are many management strategies that aim to reduce the risk of disease emergence, but these are often controversial and difficult to implement. These strategies include biological controls, improved inspections at international borders, and increased subsidies for different plant species to support heterogeneity. Management strategies are available for existing plant diseases, but this article argues that more research is needed to fully understand the cause, effect, and control of plant diseases.


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Food security, Disease control, Pest management, Best management practices, Pathogens, Invasive, Plant resistance, Risk, Field Scale Governance


Controversies in Science & Technology 3: 152-160