An ArcView tool for simulating Land Subdivision for Build Out Analysis

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Virginia Tech


The objective of this paper is to develop a tool in ArcView for simulating the land subdivision process in order to simplify the process of build out analysis. Build out analysis is a valuable tool for evaluating the effectiveness of land regulations and performing impact analysis of development on the environment and other natural resources.

The process involved in carrying out build out analysis involves dealing with various layers of spatial information, maps and tabular data. Geographical information systems (GIS) are very effective in handling spatial and tabular data. Analysis of various layers of information at the city level can be done simultaneously using GIS. However, GIS does not possess necessary tools to model future development on buildable land. Hence modeling of development is done using AutoCAD or similar drafting software. In addition, the modeling of development has to be done at a single parcel level, as parcel characteristics like size, shape, terrain, land use and zone greatly influence the probable pattern of subdivision of land parcel.

This paper looks at the process of developing a subdivision layout in AutoCAD at a single parcel level. Based on the understanding of this process, a tool has been developed in ArcView, which enables a user to draw different arrangements of lots in gridiron pattern of development. This tool has been developed using Avenue. The layout developed using ArcView program is not as precise as the AutoCAD generated layout, however it is sufficient to simulate a probable subdivision layout pattern for a land parcel in less time.



Build Out, Avenue, ArcView, Subdivision