Optimal one-way traffic control strategy for under-saturated two-land highway work zone operation

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Virginia Tech


Traffic operation and characteristic on two-lane highway work zone combine traffic characteristics on two-lane highways and signalize intersections. A literature review was conducted to understand traffic characteristics on two-lane highways and at signalized intersections. Delay models and theoretical methods of calculating delay were also reviewed for two-lane highways, unsignalized and signalized intersections. Particularly, research methods of developing delay models for signalized intersections provide a fundamental base in developing delay models and optimal control strategies for two-lane highway work zone operation.

The main framework contained in this thesis identifies the operational problems existing in two-lane highway work zone. Development of mathematical delay models is then performed for all operational aspects in the work zone. The analysis of traffic delay, the optimal selection of timing and the optimal delay control strategies are also detailed in the thesis.

This theoretical attempt to develop optimal control strategy for two-lane highway work zone is preliminary, yet valuable. The promising results from this research effort open the door to more exciting topics in this field.



cycle length, delay, strategy, case