Study of the advance and scientific fish sampling techniques and their assessment for the application in Nepalese conditions

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This report summarizes and assesses scientific fish sampling techniques for use in the field of fish and river ecology in Nepal. The purpose of this study was to train and expose a fisheries researcher from Nepal in various advanced scientific methods of samplings and data management in the United States, due to the establishment of such practices in the U.S. academic sector. Nepal has abundant fresh water resources with diverse habitats and abundant biodiversity. As a relatively undeveloped nation with diverse geography that includes many regions that are difficult to access, those water resources are not exhaustively managed or monitored. Furthermore, Nepalese rivers are heterogeneous in several ways that further complicate scientific sampling. Current research suggests that fish biodiversity in Nepal is under estimated. Training in advanced methods will allow the investigator to return to Nepal and disseminate the information to university students and build research and management capacity there.