A simulation model for traffic loading analysis

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Virginia Tech

A simulation model for traffic loading analysis is needed to aid the designers of land-mobile radio communication systems. In the past, our system designers have relied on analytical solutions to perform traffic loading analysis. As our communication system evolved and changed from a voice-only system, to a voice and data system, it became apparent that the assumptions needed for an accurate Erlang C prediction were no longer valid. Thus, the need for a simulation model was realized in order to better predict the radio system's capacity to support a given traffic load.

This paper describes the process by which the simulation model was designed, developed, and validated. The simulation modeling system was developed using systems engineering methodologies. This document describes the need for a traffic analysis tool and the development process followed, from conceptualization through test and evaluation. An analysis package is also presented to show the verification and validation of the simulation model. Recommendations and a summary conclude the discussion.

traffic simulation