Numerical and Experimental Analysis of the Ocean Sentinel Mooring System to Enable Improved Modeling and Design


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This paper presents the design and analysis of the Ocean Sentinel instrumentation buoy mooring system, including numerical modeling and experimental validation testing during the summer of 2013. The intent of this study is to gather mooring data for the Pacific Marine Energy Center – North Energy Test Site (PMEC-NETS), and increase the understanding of numerical mooring models, which will contribute to improved designs of wave energy converter (WEC) mooring systems. The Ocean Sentinel instrumentation buoy (Ocean Sentinel) was configured in a three-point moor, with load cells on each mooring line, and the system was modeled using OrcaFlex. The model predictions of the mooring line loads are compared with actual experimental loads experienced during the summer 2013 deployment and the results are presented. Based on the results of the field testing, mooring system design improvements are proposed. This paper also includes wave data recorded during the deployment that was used in the numerical model to simulate the deployed conditions, as well as the simulated power output for a WEC array installation located at PMEC-NETS.



Buoy mooring system, Mooring models, Wave energy conversion