Pterocarpus lucens Lepr. in the Banh region (northwest Burkina Faso, West Africa): forage value and present state of stands

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Studies on P. lucens stands in 1990 showed that shrub savannas were heavily browsed by cattle, sheep and goats during the rainy season, while open woodland and tiger scrub were used to a lesser extent. The density of living trees and mortality rate depended on the environmental conditions. Seedling growth was severely hindered by browsing. It was concluded that although P. lucens is not depleted in this area as in other regions, shifting exclosures should be used to prevent further depletion of stands and ensure regeneration from seedlings. (CAB Abstracts)


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Grasslands, Savannah, Grazing systems, Scrublands, Rotational grazing, Woodlands, Burkina Faso, Ecosystem


Revue d'Élevage et de Médecine Vétérinaire des Pays Tropicaux 45(2): 179-190