Virginia Tech Disabilities Support Task Force Recommendation Report

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Virginia Tech


The Disabilities Support Task Force report is structured to address each of six questions posed by the Provost. For each, we discuss and integrate relevant research findings, our surveys of student, staff and faculty groups on our campus and on peer campuses, and our own deliberations. Here are the questions that this report answers:

  1. How does Virginia Tech compare with its peer universities in regard to the number of students provided accommodations and related commitment of resources (e.g., staffing, funding, funding model, space etc.)?
  2. How are federal mandates regarding students with disabilities communicated with and implemented by SSD?
  3. What resources are needed for Virginia Tech to meet its legal obligations and aspirational goals in support of students with accommodations (e.g., staffing levels and qualifications of staff, funding models and levels of funding, space requirements related to programs and/or testing etc.)?
  4. What additional policies and procedures, if any, need to be developed to address the use of service animals as approved accommodations? (pending new legislation)
  5. Are there improvements that may be made to better coordinate the actions of SSD and the colleges to provide seamless accommodations to students in a timely manner?
  6. How may SSD and associated offices educate and support faculty and department heads in implementing services for students?