The Role of Fertilizers in Integrated Plant Nutrient Management

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Paris, France: International Fertilization Industry Association

This book explores the Integrated Plant Nutrient Management (IPNM) approach and its advantages and disadvantages. The goal of IPNM is to optimize nutrient growth by analyzing nutrient use from agronomic, economic, and environmental perspectives. This optimization is achieved by nourishing a crop as efficiently as possible while avoiding adverse environmental impacts. IPNM is a joint effort and requires the cooperation of many different stakeholders to make IPNM successful. This book offers IPNM explanations, strategies and suggestions for stakeholders, and three case studies from Sub-Saharan Africa, China, and North America.

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Integrated crop management, Soil nutrients, Soil management, Soil fertility, Soil quality, Sustainable agriculture, Soil organic matter, Integrated plant nutrient management, Field Scale