Active-to-sterile neutrino dipole portal and the XENON1T excess

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American Physical Society


In this paper, we find that a magnetic transition dipole moment between tau and sterile neutrinos can account for the XENON1T excess events. Unlike the ordinary neutrino dipole moment, the introduction of the new sterile mass scale allows for astrophysical bounds to be suppressed. Interestingly, the best-fit regions that are compatible with the SN1987A imply either boron-8 as the source flux. We find that sterile neutrinos in the similar to(500-800) keV mass range are capable of evading astrophysical constraints while being able to successfully explain the XENON1T event rate. We also set new constraints on the dipole portal based on the Xenon 1T data. The sterile neutrino in the best fit parameter space may have significant effects on big bang nucleosynthesis (BBN). We show the region in which a low reheating temperature of the Universe may allow the BBN constraints to be alleviated.



dark-matter, moment, decays