Soil organic carbon and fertility interactions affected by a tillage chronosequence in a Brazilian Oxisol

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This article describes a study that analyzes the impact of a tillage chronosequence on concentrations of soil organic carbon and its interactions with soil fertility in a Brazilian Oxisol. As land is converted from natural ecosystems to cropland, the properties of the soil are significantly affected. Moreover, as crop cultivation is intensified to a large scale, the methods used can be detrimental to the nutrient levels in the soil. This study suggests that long-term no-tillage is a useful strategy for improving fertility of soils with variable charge.

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Conservation agriculture, Soil management, Soil fertility, Soil quality, Sustainable agriculture, Soil organic matter, Tillage, Chronosequence, Soil analysis, No-till, Soil ph, Crop residues, Oxisols, Variable charge, Acidity, Root depth, Cation exchange capacity (CEC), Field Scale
Soil and Tillage Research 104(1): 56-64