International technical consultations on pastoral development: Conclusions - No. 2

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Tucson, Ariz.: Office of Arid Lands Studies, University of Arizona


This paper focuses on decentralization and empowerment, conflict resolution, and the provision of services to pastoral peoples. The 1990's have seen a renewed interest on the part of donors, governments and NGO's in pastoral development. This long awaited turn-around has been sparked by results of research and development efforts which show the sustainability and appropriateness of mobile pastoral systems to the ecological realities of drylands, by studies on the economic importance of extensive pastoral production in marginal lands, and by the increasing social, economic and environmental costs of neglect. --author's notes


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Pastoralism, Nomadism, Decentralization, Conflict management, Governance


Arid Lands Newsletter No. 40, Fall/Winter 1996