Systems engineering analysis of a manufacturing plant

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Virginia Tech


The manufacturing process and company practices were analyzed for a molded pulp egg carton manufacturer. The entire process was looked at from raw material purchase to finished goods inventory and the policies in effect in the different areas of production. The problem is the company has high production costs ($1,448,418 per month) and a low profit margin ($76,279 per month). This analysis was performed to recommend means to lower costs and increase system efficiency.

The problems found were prioritized and recommendations were made for their solution. These problems included policies that need to be changed and manufacturing processes that need to be redesigned.

A description of the manufacturing process, functional analysis, company practices, data analysis, system model, life-cycle cost, and problem prioritization is included.

The results of this analysis are that the company can increase its system efficiency and profits by reclassifying heavier cartons as acceptable. There are other areas of production, policy making, and machinery, illustrated in Section 7 of this report. that should be modified to streamline production and eliminate costs.



manufacturing, systems engineering, analysis