The Wildlife Management Planning Game: Administrative Manual


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Virginia Tech. Division of Forestry and Wildlife Resources


This manual has a twofold purpose: (1) to provide operating information for the game administrator, and (2) to provide documentation of the FORTRAN IV program which is the basis of the Wildlife Management Planning Game. It is assumed that the reader is already familiar with the manual entitled 11 Instructions to Participants." It provides the player with an introduction to computer simulation and describes the game itself. The Wildlife Management Planning Game provides the participant with an opportunity to make decisions in an environment of complex relationships and uncertainties. Enthusiasm and motivation in the learning experience are enhanced when the player can view the future outcome of his policy decisions and revise them with the aid of his increased "experience." Players should be allowed opportunities for policy revision and reruns during the gaming session. This allows the player to fully interpret results and formulate policy variations in an effort to improve his plan. After each play of the game, group discussions should be encouraged so that the player can benefit from the experiences of fellow students.