Recipes for Life: Counsel, customs, and cuisine from the Andean hearth

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Ediciones Abya-Yala: Quito, Ecuador


Daily sustenance tends to be overlooked as we focus our attention on big, important issues such as development, conservation, and globalization. And yet what sustains people at the most basic level are identity, memory, and a sense of place anchored in the texture and aroma of everyday life. To conserve biological and cultural diversity in the face of powerful and homogenizing forces, we need to look at local knowledge and practices in all their wonderful manifestations. From the hearts and hearths of the Ecuadorian Andes, this book interweaves the sayings, customs, and recipes that relate to life's cycles and its seasons. This collection highlights remembrance of the past, vitality of the present, and persistence into the future. (About Recipes for Life)


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Participatory processes, Indigenous community, Local knowledge, Andes, Ecuador, Quechua