Gabrielle and the Green New Deal

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The goal of this project was to educate the youth on the U.S. healthcare system and Green New Deal and encourage them to feel empowered to make a change. This was achieved through the creation of a children's novel that follows a young Black girl through her life and journey of learning about and experiencing the healthcare system. Through conversations with family members and friends, she learns about healthcare access, health outcome disparities, history of healthcare, health insurance, and the healthcare systems of the U.K. and Cuba.

This product is a learning artifact from the Fall 2020 semester of the Honors and UAP SuperStudio courses (UH-4504, UAP-4914, and UH-4514). Course instructors: Joanie Banks-Hunt, Ralph Hall, Nikki Lewis, Amy Showalter, Zack Underwood, Anne-Lise Velez, and Daron Williams



fiction, children's book, Green New Deal, healthcare system, health disparities