Spiral CT of the Temporal Bone

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Maximum image resolution with commercial spiral CT scanners is inadequate to define clearly the anatomical features and electrode positions within this intricate, 3D space. The objective of this research was to develop theory, algorithms and equipment to increase spiral CT image resolution for temporal bone imaging, especially in cochlear implantation. Summary: Spiral CT with overlapping reconstruction allows better 3D resolution than conventional CT, and is important for temporal bone imaging • Spiral CT image deblurring achieves a 40% resolution gain without significant noise and ringing artifacts • Implant unwrapping measures the array insertion length with 0.3 mm mean accuracy, and facilitates electrode localization • Sub-mm scanning improves high-contrast resolution and suppresses stair-step artifacts. However, 0.5 mm collimation introduced more than doubled image noise

Spiral CT, High-contrast resolution, Algorithms, Temporal bone
Wang, G., Skinner, M. W., & Vannier, M. W. (2010). Spiral CT of the Temporal Bone. Poster. Retrieved from http://www.imaging.sbes.vt.edu/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/SpiralCTTemporalBonePoster.pdf