Knowledge of households, cropping systems, perceptions on conservation agricultural practices in Upper West region of Ghana

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Blacksburg, VA: SANREM CRSP

This poster describes the recent findings of the SANREM CRSP's Long-Term Research Activity 8 in the Upper West region of Ghana. This research team interviewed 358 farmers in 12 communities of 3 districts in Ghana in order to collect baseline socioeconomic data as well as to estimate farmer knowledge and perceptions regarding conservation agriculture. In addition to revealing crop productivity and marketing data, research results indicated that farmers were aware of the importance of soil conservation and expressed interest in learning more about conservation agriculture practices and integrated pest management.

Conservation agriculture, Social learning, Soil conservation, Rainfed agriculture, Conservation tillage, Local knowledge, Upper west region, Ghana, Farmer perceptions, Farmer knowledge, Farm/Enterprise Scale
Presented at the SANREM CRSP Annual Meeting Blacksburg, VA, 17-19 May 2011