Shaping Nevada’s Future: What the State Can Do to Invest in College Access and Success

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Institute for Higher Education Policy


Fueled primarily by the success of its gaming industry, Nevada has developed a booming economy in less than 50 years. Today, the gaming and hospitality industry serves as an integral part of Nevada’s economy, employing more than 25 percent of the workforce and providing a major revenue source for the state. However, Nevada ranks among the weakest states in the nation in postsecondary educational attainment. To change this ranking, the state must make a significant investment in promoting a college‐going culture. The report explores the barriers that Nevada students—particularly those from low‐income families and racial/ethnic minority groups—face in their pursuit of postsecondary education. The report also identifies the responsibilities of three primary stakeholders—the education sector (both K–12 and postsecondary), the business community, and the state government—in promoting access to and success in higher education. Finally, the report offers a number of recommendations to help Nevada increase access and success at the postsecondary level.



education, higher--Nevada (State), higher education and state, low-income students, access to higher education, business and education