Conflicts over natural resources in Maasai District of Simanjiro, Tanzania

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Rome, Italy: FAO


Simanjiro District lies south of Arusha town on the Maasai steppe and is categorized as a semi-arid zone. 85% of the 65,000 inhabitants who lived there in 1995 are Maasi pastoralists. There are also other Bantu groups, the majority recent immigrants, living in the district and practising subsistence agriculture. Small groups of Ndorobo hunters and gatherers are found scattered throughout the district. They are few in numbers compared to the pastoralists and farmers and are living in abject poverty. In addition to livestock and vast stretches of open land the district is also bestowed with substantial quantities of gemstones and wildlife resources. Because of the availability of natural resources deemed necessary for development, various individuals and groups of people have migrated into the district in large numbers in recent years. This situation has led to various conflicts between immigrants and inhabitants of the district over management and utilization of the available resources.



Conflict, Natural resource management, Semiarid zones, Agriculture, Pastoralism, Maasai, Simanjiro, Tanzania, Pastoralism, Ndorobo, Hunters, Gatherers, Farmers, Immigration, Bantu, Ecosystem Governance


Forests, Trees and People Newsletter No. 30 (March 1996)