Good Policy, Good Practice. Improving Outcomes and Productivity in Higher Education: A Guide for Policymakers (Part I)

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National Center for Higher Education Management Systems (NCHEMS)


This report describes a wide range of successful strategies from which states can draw to increase the educational attainment of their residents while holding down higher education costs. Part I offers examples of strategies, programs, and practices that the authors' research findings can raise educational productivity. Part II describes the mechanisms that state policymakers can use, directly and indirectly, to influence improvements, and it emphasizes the necessity of state policy support and, if needed, policy change. Part II outlines the key policy levers that state leaders can use to pursue the strategies outlined in Part I. Together, Parts I and II of this document present the solid base of experience available to policy leaders as they seek to raise the higher education attainment of state residents, even in the face of fiscal constraints. The examples of best practices in this report show that there are ways to simultaneously achieve access, quality, and efficiency in higher education.



Education, Higher--Law and legislation, Education, Higher--Government policy, educational performance, higher education costs, educational attainment