Correlation Between The Penetration Strategies And Marketing Mix Of International Hotel Chains In Romania

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Review of Innovation and Competitiveness: A Journal of Economic and Social Research

On the Romanian market there are 21 international hotel chains, having 51 hotels. The goal of the research paper is to analyze which are the marketing mix policies and strategies used by the hotels, belonging to an international hotel chain on the Romanian market. For this purpose, a descriptive research was implemented through investigation of all the hotels that are part of an international hotel chain. The research reveals that hotels operate by abiding the norms established by contract. The higher the risk, the investment and control are, the more influence the hotel chain has regarding the pricing strategies. Hotels use their own channels but also the parent chain channels. Promotion strategy takes into account global, regional and local issues encountered. The majority of the hotels have the possibility to decide some internal elements for their personnel. All the hotels apply norms and standardized procedures regarding the quality of the services. The most expected advantage for a hotel that belongs to an international chain is the visibility at international level.

international hotel chains, hotel strategies, marketing mix strategies, international hotel