Tourism innovation through relationship marketing and value co-creation: A study on peer-to-peer online platforms for sharing accommodation [Summary]


This paper discusses tourism innovation developed by hosts of sharing accommodation, based on the outcomes of guests’ value co-creation. In this process, relationship marketing is a central aspect of peer-to-peer business models, analysed as a catalyst of innovation. The authors conducted thirty in-depth interviews with Portuguese hosts of Airbnb accommodations in order to understand the integration of guests’ value co-creation through relational mechanisms in the innovation of their businesses. The results evidence that it is established a close relationship marketing with guests during their stay. This fact is considered critical for the co-creation of the tourism experience and to increment innovation in the accommodation services. The main innovation outcomes are incremental and connected to the provided facilities, amenities and partnerships with other businesses. This happens not only through the user generated contents of online reviews, but also with the constant interpersonal contact established between guests and hosts.



Reviews, user generated content