Object-oriented LRFD design of steel frames

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Virginia Tech


A program for the design of steel frames was developed. The program can be used to design beams and columns in a frame in accordance with the Load and Resistance Factor Design method. The program was coded in C++ using the object oriented programming method. The program runs under the windows graphical operating environment. The Microsoft Visual C++ compiler was used for developing the program. The major classes in the program are joints, members, beams, columns, and loads, and correspond to objects in a real structure. The architecture of the program is based on the relationship between these objects. The accuracy of the program was verified by comparing design results obtained from the program with results from a commercial structural analysis and design program (DAST version 11.0), as wen as with results obtained from hand calculations. It was concluded that the object oriented approach has many advantages that makes it a desirable approach for developing computer applications for structure engineering· for today's graphical windows operating environments



software programs