Standing Up To Be Counted: Female Military Personnel and Online Mentoring

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Women working in male-dominated fields such as science and the military often encounter challenges fitting into their workplace communities, feeling themselves to be cast as less intelligent and less powerful (physically and with regard to leadership). The problems connected to gendered stereotypes do not end once female military personnel leave the military service. As a result, female veterans often downplay their skills and accomplishments and do not identify themselves with the veteran moniker. Several online communities for military women have emerged that strategically use Web 2.0 technologies to enable female military personnel to mentor each other in relatively safe electronic spaces to support the professional and personal growth of participants and to articulate personally and publicly the reasons why women, too, “count” as veterans.

Female veterans, Gender stereotypes, Mentoring, Online communities, ViS, Veterans in Society
Hart, D. A. (2014, April). Standing up to be counted: Female military personnel and online mentoring. In H. Nobles (Ed.) Proceedings of the Second Conference on Veterans in Society: Humanizing the Discourse (pp. 23-26). Roanoke, VA: Virginia Tech.