Modernization and participation in Nghia Trung: An analysis of the relevance of the modernization and participatory approaches to development in the Vietnamese context of the ongoing SANREM CRSP project

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Aarhus University: Aarhus, Denmark

This is English summary of the Danish thesis which outlines the challenge presented by ethnic diversity amongst the LTRA-5 program participants in Vietnam. Differences between modernization and participatory approaches to agriculture are highlighted as well as variation in farming techniques amongst ethnic groups. The difference between groups' openness to adopting new farming techniques has the potential to create an uneven development dynamic, with the project benefiting some groups much more than others.

Participatory processes, Ethnicity/race, Experiential learning, Indigenous community, Community participation, Adoption of innovations, Agriculture, Rural-rural migration, Participatory approaches, Modernization approaches, Vietnam, Governance
English summary of Danish Master's thesis, Arahus,Denmark: Aarhus University