Pregnancy outcomes among farming households of Nueva Ecija with conventional pesticide use versus integrated pest management

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Ermita, Manila, Philippines: Department of Health, University of the Philippines


This article examines the effects of pesticide use by comparing the pregnancy outcomes of two types of farming households in Nueva Ecija, Philippines. One type uses conventional pesticides, while the second type uses integrated pest management (IPM). The results indicated that spontaneous abortion occurred statistically more often and birth defects were more common in households using conventional pesticide than those using IPM. This article argues that individuals who plan to have children should avoid pesticide use because of the detrimental effects in can have on a pregnant mother and her child.


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Pest control, Maternal mortality, Women, Health, Pesticide poisoning, Pest management, Vulnerability and risk, Child mortality, Agriculture, Integrated pest management (ipm), Spontaneous abortion, Epidemiology, Manpower, Cohort studies, Data collection, Environmental exposure, Adverse effects, Family characteristics, Female, Pesticides, The Philippines, Pregnancy, Birth defects, Pregnancy complications, Retrospective studies, Risk assessment, Farm/Enterprise Scale Field Scale


International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Health 8(3): 232-242