Process & criteria for problem analysis in water management : proceedings of the first-day Workshop on Process and Criteria, May 23, 1977 at the National Conference on Water, Chase Park Plaza Hotel, St. Louis, Missouri, May 23-25, 1977

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Virginia Water Resources Research Center.

The theme of the 1977 National Conference on Water, sponsored by the United States Water Resources Council in cooperation with 21 national interest groups, was "Water Management: Problems and 9pportunities." The afternoon of the first day was devoted to identification of the critical water problems facing. the country. Conferees were divided into five workshop groups to facilitate this identification and to examine the problems associated with Water and Energy, Urban Water Issues, Environmental Issues, Problems of Water Allocations and Priorities, and the Process and Criteria used to prioritize among various problem areas. The four speakers for the Process and Criteria workshop were asked to examine specific issues...