Climate change adaptation strategies: Water resources management options for smallholder farming systems in sub-Saharan Africa

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New York, NY: The Earth Institute at Columbia University


This report describes a study that evaluated water management systems and their potential to address water scarcity problems in sub-Saharan Africa. Stress on water availability induced by climate change is negatively affecting smallholders causing crop productivity to decline. This study also notes that political and financial support of these small-scale water management systems is very important for sustainability. These researchers argue that there needs to be a Blue Revolution similar to the African Green Revolution, which addresses current water management plans, new irrigation strategies, and several solutions to decreasing crop yields. This report discusses different ways that this Blue Revolution could help solve the water scarcity and food security problems in Western Africa.


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Rural development, Water management, Soil fertility, Rainfed agriculture, Food security, Institutional capacity building, Poverty, Irrigation, Micro-credit, Revolving grants, Crop insurance, Marketing infrastructure, Value addition, Agriculture water management, Crop yields, Investments, Rainwater harvesting, Blue revolution, Hydro-climatology, Micro-irrigation system, Africa, Field Scale Governance