AdvanceVT Annual Report : Year 5 : September 2007 – August 2008

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Virginia Tech


The overall goal of AdvanceVT is to contribute to the development of a national science and engineering academic workforce that includes the full participation of women at all levels of faculty and academic leadership, particularly at the senior academic ranks, through the transformation of institutional practices, policies, climate and culture at Virginia Tech. The program has four major elements: advancing women into faculty careers, increasing the representation of women faculty in science and engineering, empowering women as leaders and scholars, and institutionalizing change.

Significant accomplishments during year five include the submission of a collaborative proposal for a PAID grant to disseminate AdvanceVT’s leadership coaching model throughout Virginia with the ACE Virginia Network, James Madison University, University of Virginia, Virginia Commonwealth University, and the Virginia Community College System. Also, after a two year effort, AdvanceVT unveiled Creating a Positive Departmental Climate at Virginia Tech: A Compendium of Successful Strategies. The compendium draws from results of an initial 2006 Departmental Climate Initiative survey, AdvanceVT workshop discussions on existing strategies, AdvanceVT 2003 faculty work-life survey data, a literature review, and materials from other institutions. In addition to maintaining a portfolio of workshops and seminars, AdvanceVT co-hosted the fifth annual “Advancing Diversity at Virginia Tech” conference on January 8, with the Office of Multicultural Affairs. AdvanceVT also began development of a database of potential faculty candidates, with a focus on candidates with diverse backgrounds, in collaboration with the Office for Equal Opportunity.