The Effects of Educational Supports for the "Missing One-Offs" in Vocational High Schools

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Annenberg Institute at Brown University


A growing body of evidence suggests that vocationally focused programs of study substantially improve high-school completion and longer-run economic success. However, the corresponding recommendations to expand vocational programs may have unintended, negative consequences for low-income, academically successful students (i.e., the “missing one offs”) who have the capacity and motivation to attend highly selective universities. This study contributes to our understanding of these issues by examining an innovative, college-preparatory program targeted to academically successful Chilean students attending vocational high schools serving lower-income communities. This program (Escuela Desarrollo de Talentos or EDT) provides academic and social-emotional supports aligned with admission to selective universities. The authors examine the educational effects of EDT participation using a fuzzy regression-discontinuity design based on its eligibility rules. The authors find that the EDT program did not increase the probability of graduating from high school but did increase performance in math courses. They also find corresponding evidence suggesting that EDT participation increased math performance on college entrance exams and shifted students away from further postsecondary vocational training and towards matriculation at elite universities.



Escuela Desarrollo de Talentos or EDT, Chilean students, low-income students, academic success