Leveraging an Integrated Visual Display for Case-Based Analysis in Mixed Method Research


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A case-based visual display can serve as method for analysis in mixed method research. This methodological article builds an argument for the role that a matrix, diagram, table, or figure can play when used interactively to generate, elaborate, or confirm analytical insight in a case-based analysis in mixed methods research. The article provides an in-depth exploration of two visual methods: timelining and mapping. Timelining adds dimensionality through investigating a temporal sequence, while a mapping activity can do the same with the understanding of physical locations. Both types of visual displays can enhance validity by providing a way to engage qualitative and quantitative data iteratively and dialectically during analysis. The necessity to pursue dissonance that often arises from integrating qualitative and quantitative results is one signal of the complexity of the examples reviewed. The examples support the argument that a visual display that integrates data from different sources iteratively and dialectically is an analytical strategy unique to mixed methods.



dissonance, mixed methods, mixed methods research, joint display, visual methods, timelining, mapping, case-based analysis, integration, mixed analytical procedures