Landscape and soil characterization of Madiama Commune

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Wallingford, Oxon; Cambridge, Mass.: CABI Publishing


In chapter 3, Badini and Dioni present a detailed description of the landscape types and soils of the Commune of Madiama. Combining knowledge gained from informal surveys, field observations, biophysical monitoring, transects, remote sensing, and pit holes, the chapter characterizes soil types and distributions, climate and hydrology, cropping patterns, land use systems and potentials. The database on these landscape types, their location, potentials and constraints is at an appropriate scale for use by village, commune and regional level planners, as well as for providing input to biophysical models to evaluate technologies (as in chapter 11).


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Semiarid zones, Land use management, Soil, Modeling, Remote sensing, Farming systems, Biophysical monitoring, Soil types, Landscape type, Soil distribution, Climate variability, Decision support, Typology, Ecosystem