James Cave Epikarst Monitoring Drip Data


James Cave is located in Pulaski County, Virginia and formed within the Cambro-Ordovician Conococheague formation. Continuous (10 minute interval) monitoring of cave drip rate and precipitation was conducted from late summer 2007 to winter 2013 using HOBO® tipping bucket rain gauges and multi-station data loggers. At the subsurface sites, drips were collected using tarps with areas of 2.43m2, 3.07m2, and 3.51m2 for MS1, MS2, and MS3, respectively. Precipitation was measured at the surface near the cave entrance.


Content may be divided into these groups: --Supplementary matter on instrumentation and site setting --Continuous time series data of drip and precipitation rate, water and air temperature, and specific conductance --Discrete and composite geochemical samples


epikarst, karst, timer series, recharge, groundwater