Integrating XR Content in X3DOM: Supporting Navigation and Custom Functions in X3D Scenes

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This paper explores the integration of eXtended Reality (XR) content within X3DOM, a popular framework for displaying 3D content in web browsers. The importance ofWeb3D and the prevalent use of the X3D file format are discussed. With the deprecation of WebVR and the adoption ofWebXR in web browsers, X3DOM has emerged as one of the pioneering adaptors of WebXR APIs. This paper highlights the current capabilities of X3DOM, which enable users to explore 3D scenes on regular screens and seamlessly transition into Virtual Reality (VR) mode. It showcases the use of controllers for navigation and the execution of custom functions within the X3D scenes. Additionally, the paper presents a series of developed 3D scenes that demonstrate the effectiveness of X3DOM in rendering VR content, ranging from indoor to outdoor environments, utilizing X3D nodes to display images and videos to create immersive photospheres and rich interactive scenes.