Annual research activity report year 3: Socio-economic monitoring study

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Bogor, Indonesia: World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF)


Overall objective of socioeconomic team is to assess the socio-economic impacts of integrated vegetable-agroforestry systems on small (women and men) farmers in Nanggung Sub-district. In Year 3, series of activities have been done partly to achieve this objective. In collaboration with T team, vegetable cultivation technologies/practices within agroforestry systems were observed to assess financial viability. Secondly, we collected all farm inputs data (including labor used) of drip irrigation trial and NPK application trial in vegetable farming. With Marketing Team, in order to support marketing development, we provided technical assistance regarding financial viability of indigenous vegetable farming. Using profitability assessment technique (simple Cost-Benefit Analysis) in combination with biophysical parameter, it is found that the medium light plot seems to be more feasible than other plots.



Women, Tropical zones, Small-scale farming, Gender, Men, Economic impacts, Agroforestry, Vegetable agroforestry systems


LTRA-5 Progress Report