Socio-economic and gender sensitive indicators in the management of natural resources

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Rome, Italy: Sustainable Development Division (SD), FAO

By assessing the present situation of socio-economic and 'gender-sensitive indicators' (GSI), this paper argues that there is not enough 'gender-sensitive monitoring' in the field of natural resources management. Therefore, this paper develops GSI indicators by recognizing GSI factors. It states that these indicators could not be only useful for monitoring the impact of a project but also could "expand to include monitoring of whether and how the relationship between women and men and their natural resources evolves and changes over time". This paper examines how indicators can be developed. It includes six indicators such as men's and women's descriptions; their access to agricultural inputs; access to land; dedication of time to the natural resources management; their knowledge; and their participation.

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Local knowledge, Women, Natural resource management, Men, Gender, Gender disaggregated indicators, Methodology, Monitoring and evaluation, Indicator framework, Agricultural inputs, Knowledge, Women's and men's participation, Ecosystem