Experimental Investigation of the Multiple Row Extended 1/2 End-Plate Moment Connection

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End-plate moment connections are widely used by the low-rise metal building industry to provide the rigid connections necessary in gable frames. There are numerous end-plate moment connection configurations. The multiple row extended 1/2 (MRE 112) end-plate moment connection configuration is the focus of this investigation. The MRE 1/2 end-plate moment connection has three rows of bolts at the tension flange, one row located outside the beam flange and two rows located inside the beam flange.

Six MRE 1/2 end-plate moment connection tests were conducted at the Virginia Tech Structures and Materials Laboratory. The purpose of the tests was to investigate the moment strength of the connections and to validate the current design procedures. Details of the connection design, test set-up, testing procedure, and test results are presented within this report.

It is concluded that the current design procedures, presented in the forthcoming AISC Steel Design Guide 16, Flush and Extended Multiple Row Moment End-Plate Connections (Murray and Shoemaker, 2002), conservatively predict the strength of MRE 112 end-plate moment connections. The strength predictions are adequate for MRE 1/2 end-plate connections utilizing A325 or A490 bolts with a standard or a large inner pitch distance.

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Metal Building Connector, End-Plate Moment Connection