Evaluación de sistemas de labranza, cultivos de cobertura y rotación con maíz duro (zea mays l.) en la microcuenca del río Alumbre, cantón Chillanes, Provincia Bolívar

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Conservation agriculture in conditions of sloping land and nutrient efficiency in the cultivation of maize are alternative technologies that the SANREM-CRSP projects is implementing in the Alumbre river watershed. However, the effects have not been measured tangibly. This research permits us to: i) evaluate in the medium term the effects of the systems of tillage, cover crops and maize rotations by the physical, chemical, and biological soil characteristics, ii) determine the effect of the best management practices of soil for maize yields, iii) conduct an economic analysis of the implementation of tillage, cover crops, and rotation.


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Conservation agriculture, Soil conservation, Soil quality, Soil, Economic impacts, Conservation tillage, Farm/Enterprise Scale


Ing. Thesis. Guaranda, Ecuador: Universidad Estatal del Bolivar