A Bidirectional Traveling Plane-Wave Representation Of Exact-Solutions Of The Scalar Wave-Equation

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A new decomposition of exact solutions to the scalar wave equation into bidirectional, forward and backward, traveling plane wave solutions is described. The resulting representation is a natural basis for synthesizing pulse solutions that can be tailored to give directed energy transfer in space. The development of known free_space solutions, such as the focus wave modes, the electromagnetic directed energy pulse trains, the spinor splash pulses, and the Bessel beams, in terms of this decomposition will be given. The efficacy of this representation in geometries with boundaries, such as a propagation in a circular waveguide, will also be demonstrated.

Exact solutions, Wave equations, Electromagnetic wave propagation, Energy transfer, Spin waves
Besieris, I. M.; Shaarawi, A. M.; Ziolkowski, R. W., "a bidirectional traveling plane-wave representation of exact-solutions of the scalar wave-equation," J. Math. Phys. 30, 1254 (1989); http://dx.doi.org/10.1063/1.528301