Anisotropic self-biased dual-phase low frequency magneto-mechano-electric energy harvesters with giant power densities


We report the physical behavior of self-biased multi-functional magneto-mechanoelectric (MME) laminates simultaneously excited by magnetic and/or mechanical vibrations. The MME laminates composed of Ni and single crystal fiber composite exhibited strong ME coupling under Hdc = 0 Oe at both low frequency and at resonance frequency. Depending on the magnetic field direction with respect to the crystal orientation, the energy harvester showed strong in-plane anisotropy in the output voltage and was found to generate open circuit output voltage of 20Vpp and power density of 59.78 mW/Oe² g² cm³ under weak magnetic field of 1 Oe and mechanical vibration of 30 mg, at frequency of 21 Hz across 1 MΩ resistance.