A Manual for Socio-Economic and Gender Analysis: Responding to the Development Challenge

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Worcester, MA: Clark University. Ecology, Community Organization and Gender (ECOGEN)


The Socio-Economic and Gender Analysis (SEGA) offers a valuable approach to address the constraints of equitable, effective, and sustainable development. It provides a series of participatory strategies and tools to empower the disadvantaged who seek livelihood security, basic human rights, and opportunity to participate fully in their society. Focused on organizing strategies, gathering information and raising awareness, identifying priorities, assessing needs, planning and formulating projects, and strategizing for change, these tools are accompanied by instructions and examples of implementation through a variety of development scenarios from around the world. The SEGA also offers strategies and indicators to measure program and project effectiveness. This conceptual framework is useful for policy makers, program and project organizers, and community organizers and project managers involved in development work.


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Empowerment, Sustainable development, Gender analysis, Socioeconomic factors, Economic development, Models, Participatory tools, Disadvantaged, Strategies, Effectiveness, Policy maker, Community organizing, Developing countries, Farm/Enterprise Scale