The 1977 Virginia Outdoor Recreation Demand Survey


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Virginia Tech. Division of Forestry and Wildlife Resources


Knowledge of the present and projected public demand for outdoor recreation is a key element in the planning of a comprehensive system of outdoor recreation opportunities throughout Virginia. Public preferences for outdoor recreation experiences have changed dramatically in recent years, and formal measures of demand at any point in time remain only approximate. Nevertheless, demand analyses that are based upon the premise of satisfying public needs--as the public defines them--have a solid basis in the traditions and policies of governmental service agencies, and do provide a general guide for the planning, acquisition and development of outdoor recreation lands and facilities. This outdoor recreation demand booklet, published by the School of Forestry and Wildlife Resources, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, in cooperation with the Virginia Commission of Outdoor Recreation, has three general purposes. The first is to provide federal, state and local agencies and organizations with responsibilities for the provision of outdoor recreation services with guidelines on current and projected demand for recreation activities by state, region, and locality. The second is to make the demand estimates easily available to agencies and organizations whose responsibilities do not include outdoor recreation but whose activities may impinge upon that system. Finally, the data contained here should be useful in various research activities, special studies, and teaching regarding the Virginia outdoor recreation system.