Transition Aid: A Must for NCAA Athletes

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Virginia Tech


This study explored the potential modifications that should be made to Virginia Tech track and field’s process of receiving transfer student athletes through the NCAA Transfer Portal. The literature review investigates the current knowledge held on the profile of NCAA student athletes, the NCAA Transfer Portal, as well as transition periods for individuals. The Path Goal Theory was used as a reference to understand how the systems can be improved to best serve the transfer student athletes and the athletic department that is recruiting them. The interview participants included three Virginia Tech track and field student athletes, two Virginia Tech track and field coaches, and two Virginia Tech athletic academic administrators. Each group was interviewed using pre-selected, semi-structured interview questions unique to each group. After individuals were interviewed, the data was analyzed which produced codes that were grouped into broader categories then themes. After analyzing the results from the interviews, a few important difficulties and shortcomings were revealed by the various groups regarding the transfer process at Virginia Tech. These were followed by suggestions and recommendations for the prevalent issues to help Virginia Tech better understand where they may make improvements to their system. The Path-Goal Theory and guiding research question served as a framework to better understand the various themes and components in improving the system. This study may also be used by other universities to acquire new ideas of how to best serve their transfer student athletes so they may better focus on training and competition. Future considerations are included so that others interested in the topic may further explore the shortcomings of the transfer process.