DLSU-SDRC market and gender studies

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Manila, Philippines: Social Development Research Center, De La Salle University

Summary: In Year 3, for development purposes it became practical to integrate the market and gender components although separate reporting (book type) on market and gender findings was still being undertaken. This was due to the fact that marketing was a gendered, i.e., women's, activity in Songco, the research site. Presentation and discussion of the integrated market and gender findings in several public fora was also done. The public discussions aided further data analysis and provided more ideas for writing the conclusion and recommendation of two books. Contact with women leaders of the only women's association in the village called 'Nagkahiusang Pundok sa Kababayen-an sa Songco (United Women's Group of Songco) Multi-Purpose Cooperative' or NPKS-MPC was established as the project's entry point for data validation and participatory development planning, as well as for local assistance in the new gender cross-cutting research thrust of SANREM.

Markets, Women, Gender, Community institutions, Women farmers' networks, Women marketers, Women farmers
SANREM Annual Report