Predicting the effects of land use on runoff and sediment yield in selected sub-watersheds of the Manupali River using the ArcSWAT model

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Bangkok, Thailand: World Association of Soil and Water Conservation


The quantitative prediction of environmental impacts of land use changes in watersheds could serve as basis for developing sound watershed management schemes, especially for Philippine watersheds with agroforestry systems. ArcSWAT, a river basin scale model developed to quantify the impact of land management practices on water, sediment, and agricultural chemical yields, was parameterized and calibrated in selected Manupali River sub-watersheds with an aggregate area of 200 ha to simulate the effects of land use on runoff volumes, sediment yield and streamflows.



Sedimentation, Soil erosion, Environmental impacts, Modeling, Water quality, Watershed management, Land use change, Runoff, SWAT model, Watershed