The Contributions of Veterans in Business and Economy: Africa as a Case Study

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This paper discusses the growing influence retired military men and women are now exacting in African society based on their business franchises, which cut across telecoms, agriculture, mining, shipping, oil and gas, broadcasting, small medium enterprise, and more. These are mass-oriented and beneficial investments not only to the society but to the economic growth of their respective nations, which will be advantageous to the collective development of the society and the continent at large. This paper shows a relationship between the period spent as service members and in business careers after retirement, which is a positive indicator and a palliative to stem the idea of young military officers nursing the nocturnal ambition of coup d'etat, since life after service years are no longer an armageddon. This paper takes a periscopic view of how these veterans’ impacts and successes in their new chosen careers have positively affected their immediate communities and beyond in the areas of youth employment and empowerment; capacity building; and re-focusing, re-engineering, and social development indicative of a transformation that underscores a paradigm shift in people’s perception of the men and women in khaki.



Veterans, Economy, Business, GDP, ViS, Veterans in Society


Oshigbo, T. O. (2014, April). The contributions of veterans in business and economy: Africa as a case study. In H. Nobles (Ed.) Proceedings of the Second Conference on Veterans in Society: Humanizing the Discourse (pp. 12-17). Roanoke, VA: Virginia Tech.