Network framing of pest management knowledge and practice

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Rural Sociological Society

This article explains how networks between researchers, extension agents, and farmers can help transfer technology and interconnect people in such a way that promotes the universal implementation of best management practices for pesticide use. The author contends that it is very important for decision makers and agricultural scientists to pay attention to how their negotiations and policies impact farm level decisions. To reinforce his argument, the author offers three case studies to analyze a few current practices that promote technological change in agriculture. Ultimately, in order to pursue sustainable agriculture we need to search for solutions that integrate local and scientific knowledge into a more holistic understanding of the production circumstances involved with smallholder farms.

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Farmer field schools, Best management practices, Pest management, Adoption of innovations, Local knowledge, Knowledge networks, Social networks, Negotiation, Actor-network theory, Farming systems models, Network segments, Farm/Enterprise Scale Field Scale Governance
Rural Sociology 73(3): 414-439