Vegetable Agroforestry and Cashew-Cacao Systems in Vietnam

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Bangkok, Thailand: World Association of Soil and Water Conservation (WASWAC)

This book is part of a four-book series that details the research conducted by the Nong Lam University research team concerning the addition of cacao to cashew farming systems in Vietnam. Eight cacao varieties were tested on farmer-owned cashew plantations and had promising results that showed that cacao grew exceptionally well under the cashew canopy, and will be profitable to farmers. These ecologically-sound, integrated vegetable agroforestry systems were developed in order to increase farm production and income, thus stabilizing the supply of products for markets and improving food security.

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Marketing and trade, Local markets, Soil fertility, Soil quality, Food security, Pest management, Gender, Sustainable agriculture, Agroforestry, Cashew, Cacao, Vietnam, Vegetable agroforestry, Drip irrigation, Home gardening, Crop yields, Termite bio-control, Farmer health, Case studies, Farm/Enterprise Scale Field Scale Governance
Special Publication No. 6a