Trucking Along: Safe Drives, Healthy Lives


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National Surface Transportation Safety Center for Excellence


This project was initiated to update, refresh, expand, and rebrand the Driving Healthy website and social media accounts into a comprehensive and inclusive healthy driving community platform: Trucking Along: Safe Drives, Healthy Lives. The research team added information, resources, and tools to support healthy habits, both on and beyond the road. Topics covered now include healthy eating, exercise, sleep, mental health, equity and inclusion, and safety on the road, including bringing awareness to the issue of human trafficking and how CMV drivers can help at-risk individuals. The update also added a focus on content and resources for women CMV drivers, who represent a growing but often overlooked group within the trucking industry. The team added new information, including a section dedicated to bringing awareness to sexual harassment. In addition to targeted content for new, seasoned, and prospective CMV drivers, the Trucking Along community platform added information, resources, and tips for end users, who play a critical role in providing support and encouragement to drivers within their’ social and workplace networks. The overall goal of this project was to create a comprehensive and accessible resource that could be used by drivers, from various backgrounds and walks of life, at all stages in their career, to educate them on being happy, safe, and healthy in their trucking careers. The team strives to continue growing and expanding the Trucking Along community platform to continue providing accurate, free, and relevant health information to CMV drivers from all backgrounds.



CMV drivers, commercial motor vehicles, truck drivers, trucking industry